AB6IX celebrates 5 years since its debut; Get to know the members of the four-member K-pop group, their discography and more

AB6IX is a four-member K-pop group that began their musical journey in 2019. Over the years, the group has undergone numerous transformations, reshaping their path several times. However, they have consistently delivered impactful music that may not always receive the recognition it deserves, but manages to shine amidst the cutthroat world of K-pop. Today, May 22, as they celebrate their fifth anniversary since their debut, let’s embark on a journey to discover this hidden gem together.

What does the name AB6IX mean?

AB6IX is an abbreviation of ‘absolute six’, which emphasizes the integrity of a new boy band. However, the ‘six’ does not just mean the members, but presents an entirely new definition that combines the power of the initial five members and the group’s fandom.

Together they opened a new horizon that can be summarized as ‘Above BrandNew Six’, bearing similarities to the name of their company.

When did AB6IX make their official debut and under what company?

In early 2019, Brand New Music announced that they would soon introduce a new group called Brand New Boys. The name was later confirmed as AB6IX, a five-member K-pop group.


On April 18, 2019, the group was first introduced through the BrandNewBoys reality show that premiered on Mnet. Later on May 22, 2019, AB6IX marked their official debut with the song BREATHE, a lead single from their first extended EP B:Complete.

Meet the members of AB6IX

In 2019, the group debuted with Kim Dong Hyun, Lee Dae Hwi, Park Woo Jin, Lim Young Min, and Jeon Woong.

Most of these members participated in survival music shows in their pre-debut era. Kim Dong Hyun, Lee Dae Hwi, and Park Woo Jin were part of season 2 of Mnet’s Produce 101. Later, Woo Jin and Dae Hwi joined the project group Wanna One.

Jeon Woong also participated in the Mnet survival show Stray Kids, which gave rise to the titular group.

In 2020, Brand New Music announced the departure of Lim Young Min from AB6IX. Since then, the group has been active with four members.

Currently, Jeon Woong, the eldest, serves as the group’s main dancer and main vocalist, Kim Dong Hyun is the visual and sub-vocalist, Park Woo Jin is the main dancer, main rapper and sub-vocalist, and maknae Lee Dae Hwi is positioned as the main vocalist.

AB6IX musical style

AB6IX produces distinctive music that combines many genres such as EDM, pop, R&B and Hip-hop.

Additionally, his compositions include contemplative and joyful elements that focus on both the ups and downs of life. The group has an incredible ability to make unique yet relatable music that resonates with their fans.

Learn more about AB6IX’s discography

Their vivid and colorful discography consists of many extended works, studio albums and highly successful digital singles.

Some of his most popular songs are BREATHE, GRAB ME, CLOSE, ‘ROSE, SCENT’, KISS’, MOONDANCE, LOSER, BLIND FOR LOVE, HOLLYWOOD, Sucker for your love and more.

To date, the band has produced 9 EPs, including B:Complete (2019), Vivid (2020), Salute (2020), Salute: A New Hope (2021), Mo’ Complete: Have a Dream (2021), A to B (2022), Risk (2022), The Future Is Ours: Lost (2023) and The Future Is Ours: Found (2024).

Additionally, AB6IX has two studio albums and one special album, respectively, 6ixense (2019), Mo’ Complete (2021), and Complete with you (2022).

Her three digital singles include Gemini (2021), Ten Project Part.4 (2021), and Siren (2023). In 2022, the group also sang Life is beautiful, an OST for the drama starring SHInee’s Minho, The Fabulous.

AB6IX also has an impressive global collaboration in their discography. In 2019, they appeared on Truth Hurts, a song by American singer Lizzo. In 2022, the group teamed up with Faroese singer Reiley and released the song Moonlight.