‘It’s faster to walk than take the bus’: More Malaysians cross the road on foot to avoid traffic jams caused by increased security, Singapore News

Getting on a crowded and stuffy bus is part and parcel of the cross-border commute for Malaysians who commute to Singapore for work.

But more are choosing to cross the border on foot due to heavy traffic due to heightened security measures at the Woodlands and Tuas checkpoints.

In the Both Checkpoint Facebook group on Tuesday (May 21) morning, user Avis See said he started waiting for a bus at 6:20 a.m. and only managed to board around 7:40 a.m.

Under his post, several netizens echoed his feelings of waiting in long lines for buses and advised him to walk.

Other posts made by members of that Facebook group also urged other travelers to take the tour on foot.

In a post that same morning, user Kitty Too wrote: “Lots of people walking on the Causeway today… All the buses are stuck behind the middle of the bridge.”

Group member Foong Yong also posted a photo of the traffic jam at 7:05 am, saying: “Those who have the energy can choose to walk; it’s faster. I walked halfway to the bridge but didn’t see any vehicles moving “. “

Similarly, a third message posted by another member at 9.35am advised commuters, especially those rushing to work in Singapore, to walk as there were no buses available.

Malaysian national Shaun, who works as a chef in Singapore, told 8world that he usually takes public transport to cross the Causeway. However, on Monday the 34-year-old arrived half an hour late for work due to congestion.

“Today I left home early and walked (crossed the border) so as not to be late,” he said.

“Based on the situation of the past two days, walking is faster than taking the bus. To avoid being late and affecting their jobs, many people would cross the border by walking.

“Everyone’s belongings must be searched and vehicles must be carefully searched. There is no way to avoid the domino effect (after the attack).”

The Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) had increased security measures at checkpoints following last Friday’s attack on a police station on the outskirts of JB, which left two officers dead.

ICA said on Monday that heavy and continuous traffic is expected at both ground checkpoints from May 21 to June 31, which covers the Vesak Day public holiday and the June school holidays.

“With increased security measures at checkpoints due to the heightened threat situation, travelers should expect delays and take into account the additional time required for immigration clearance.”

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