The sister of the deceased victim of the M50 motorcycle accident thanks the motorists who stopped to be with him

Derek Martin (42), a prison officer from Ballymun in Dublin, was on a motorbike which was involved in a collision with a truck on the north carriageway of the motorway when the incident occurred between junction 7 N4 Liffey Valley and the 6 N3 Castleknock.

Derek’s sister Helen told how the family was later told several motorists stopped to help and be with Derek so he wasn’t alone. Helen also said that the morning before her death, Derek had texted her to say that he had bought them tickets to see the Killers in concert next month.

He also thanked the drivers who used their vehicles to protect Derek while other passing motorists tried to record the aftermath of the accident on their mobile phones.

“We got the news and shortly after we were told that a lot of passersby stopped their cars, and unfortunately there were some people who were trying to record the accident by taking videos and photographs and stuff, but there were a couple of really good people who used their cars as a barricade to prevent that from happening and they stayed with my brother and were there with him so he wouldn’t be alone,” Helen said.

“I posted it on social media because I really want to find those people to say thank you so much because in such a difficult time it’s so nice to know that there are really amazing human beings who would do something so kind and “They’re in danger, because I’m sure they the M50 was absolutely crazy that day,” he said.

“They put themselves in danger. “They stopped to be with my brother and I just wanted to thank them.”

“I needed to get closer. “It’s such a dark, dark, horrible time and it’s so comforting to know that there were people there with him, so I just needed to reach out and tell them it makes me feel better and tell them how much it means to me and my family.”

“And it’s a great comfort to my mom and dad to know that he wasn’t alone. My mom kept thinking I was alone, but it’s so nice to know that I wasn’t and that there were people there, and we just wanted to reach out any way we could to find those people just to express our gratitude and say, ‘thank you’ and that They deserve nothing but good things to happen to them. It’s an incredible act of kindness,” Helen told Newstalk Radio.

“There are no words we can say to express how grateful we are. If they want to introduce themselves so we can reach out and say ‘thank you,’ that’s all we want.”

“I contacted several of the people (on social media). I contacted three of them and was able to talk to them. There were maybe seven or eight cars that stopped, so there are still some people we haven’t been able to thank,” Helen explained.

He also said that Derek was a correctional officer at Wheatfield Prison.

“He loved his job. It was not an easy job and he made sure we all knew that,” she said with a smile, adding that he was “the life and soul of every room he walked into.”

“He is the oldest, then my two sisters and I am the youngest. He was my best friend. He texted me on Friday morning to tell me that he had bought us tickets to The Killers concert in June and he asked me to have the day off work. And then the accident happened.”

“I was at work and my sister called me. I got a lot of missed calls and I knew my family knew I was at work, and I was wondering what they were calling me for, I answered and that’s when my sister broke the news to me and I had to leave work immediately. ,” She explained.

Helen works as a nurse and was at the hospital when she got the call.

“I’ve had friends who have gone through grief, I’ve had family members who have gone through grief, but you can’t describe the feeling. It’s so strange.”

“To be honest, my parents are not good. They are doing the best they can. My sisters and I feel really bad because we can’t help them and we are doing everything we can to be strong, and my mom is trying to protect us, but we say we have to take care of you. You have lost your son. We all just try to be there for each other,” she said.

Derek’s funeral will take place on Monday at 10am at Our Lady of Victories Church, Ballymun Road.