Do not panic! But stock up on water, wet wipes and spam.

Wednesday May 22, 2024 7:56 am

The government will ask Britons to stockpile water, wet wipes and “non-perishable meats” as spam in case of an emergency.

The government will ask Britons to stock up on a range of non-perishable items in a bid to improve “resilience” at home.

Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden will today tell Britons not to panic buy, but not enough British households have emergency supplies on hand.

A ‘Prepare’ website launched alongside the speech asks Britons to buy enough water for three days and stock up on wet wipes and non-perishable tinned meats.

“Who can forget the empty supermarket shelves in the early days of the pandemic?” Dowden will say.

“And how many of us have acted since then to be better prepared if it happened again? If there were a nationwide power outage, how many of us would have flashlights and batteries? If the water is gone, how many of us have some bottles saved?

Stockpiles of bottled water have become more common in British homes in recent years due to a series of water crises, ranging from Thames Water service outages to contaminated water in Devon, with parasites sickening 50 people.

Dowden will say he is not a doomsday prepper, but that sensible guidance puts us in line with countries like Finland – which sits alongside a warmongering Russia in one of the world’s most inhospitable climates – and Japan, which regularly experiences earthquakes and tsunamis.

Meanwhile, Sue Gray – the former civil service official now working on Labour’s campaign to take power in the next election – has drawn up a series of problems that any new government will have to solve.

The list, first reported by the Spectator and seen by the Financial Times, is known as ‘Sue’s shit list’.

It includes issues such as water quality and supply.