Jamie Carragher shares the real reason why Jordan Henderson was not in Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool farewell video

Liverpool fans all asked themselves the same question during Jurgen Klopp’s long goodbye to the club. Where was Jordan Henderson?

Of course, being a former player, there is no obligation or guarantee for Henderson to be involved in anything to do with his former club.

However, having been captain for all but the last year of Klopp’s reign as Liverpool manager, it was strange not to see him take part in the tributes. After slipping out of the Anfield exit door last summer, he didn’t look all that well.

The biggest evidence of this came when Sky Sports released a nearly 20-minute long Klopp farewell video. There were appearances from former players such as Steven Gerrard, who recalled that Klopp once gave him a team talk, and Adam Lallana, who thanked his former boss for taking away his anxiety.

Jamie Carragher was another of the stars, and the Liverpool legend has now clarified exactly why Henderson was not involved.

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Jamie Carragher explains Jordan Henderson’s situation

It’s been a really bad season for Henderson. Having been left out of the England squad for Euro 2024, his decision to leave Liverpool seems to get worse by the day.

And let’s be clear, it was Henderson’s decision to leave. The former captain claimed Liverpool made no attempt to retain him, but Klopp clearly planned to keep him around in 2023/24.

Those words from Henderson have generated the feeling that not everything was particularly good between him and Klopp. But speaking to The Overlap, Carragher has now claimed there was another reason why the 33-year-old didn’t turn up.

“I spoke to Jordan about two or three weeks ago about the text,” says the expert. “And it was about preparing something for Klopp for Sky Sports. You see the piece that came out. I realized he wasn’t himself.

“People have made a big fuss when they saw it and said why Jordan Henderson wasn’t in it, but it was through me,” Carragher added. “I could get the feeling that he was like he wasn’t talking to the press here. I don’t know what Ajax’s performance and results have been like, I know it hasn’t been a great season for Ajax. I think there was an interview where a Dutch guy really criticized it. I didn’t put too much pressure on him about whether we could arrange the interview.

“Did you know? He has had a lot of problems in recent months, and some people might rightly think so with his move to Saudi Arabia and his arrival at Ajax. I feel a little sorry for Jordan because I don’t think he deserves it. You know him and I know him personally, Jordan is a great footballer, but there are fewer great footballers who are real men. And for me he is a suitable (man). He is a good boy “.

What’s next for Jordan Henderson?

You have to feel for Henderson. He made a monumental mistake by leaving Liverpool for Saudi Arabia last year and he is really paying for it.

Had he stayed at Liverpool, the midfielder would have had an important role to play this season. He would also have had the chance to fire Klopp the right way.

Instead, he now languishes at Ajax, who have endured a historically poor campaign.

Out of the England squad and with his reputation at Liverpool quite tarnished, it looks like the end for Henderson. In our opinion, returning home would be the best idea for Hendo now. Maybe all the way home to Sunderland.

No one at Liverpool will enjoy seeing their legendary former captain in such a desperate situation. Henderson really should have been front and center in all of this. It is a pity.

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