Dad-of-three, 23, strangled his girlfriend when she refused to have sex with him

A thug brutally strangled his girlfriend when she refused to have sex with him, a court heard.

Christy Hewitt, 23, boasted that he could ‘kill his partner with one punch’ after he ‘flew into a rage’ when she refused his advances, the Liverpool Echo reports. Ella’s dad-of-three strangled her and repeatedly stamped on his victim’s head in another ‘unpleasant and gratuitous’. assault.

Liverpool Crown Court heard how Hewitt had previously ‘promised’ his victim that he would never attack her again after earlier incidents but a judge said his words proved ‘hollow’. He was jailed for 30 months yesterday (May 21).

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The court was told how Hewitt had been in a relationship with his victim for around four years. But Iain Criddle, prosecuting, described how their time together was marred by ‘violence and alcohol consumption’. On January 4 this year, Hewitt was said to have ‘become angry’ following a night of drinking and ripped a door from its hinges at the couple’s flat at around midnight.

The victim went outside to smoke a cigarette and ‘defuse the situation’ but was followed by her boyfriend, who punched and kicked her before grabbing her to the throat and throwing her to the ground. The thug then stamped on her head six times before she was able to escape and ‘run off’ when another resident intervened.

She found Hewitt outside upon her return, and he summarized his attack by slapping her across the face and throwing his mobile phone at her. She again attempted to flee, but her abuser followed her and punched her twice more to the head.

She was however only said to have been left suffering from a headache following the incident. Upon his arrest, Hewitt made ‘obviously homophobic comments’ to police officers.

This included ‘mimicking’ one by saying ‘I’m gay’ and calling him an offensive name. He was released on bail with conditions not to contact the victim, but he and his father de ella began residing at her home de ella in spite of this.

Then, on the morning of March 13, the complainant refused Hewitt’s sexual advances as they laid in bed – at which he slapped her in the face. When she slapped him back, he slapped her twice more with such force that she fell out of bed.

Her assailant then picked her up and threw her back onto the mattress, began straddling her and put his hands around her throat. Hewitt ‘made threats about being able to kill her with one punch’ and threatened to smash a mirror over her head.

Hewitt was sentenced at Liverpool Crown Court -Credit:Liverpool Echo

The victim was left unable to breathe as she was strangled. She subsequently left the address with the defendant’s dad and reported the incident at a job center, having suffered bruising to her neck, lip, leg and arm.

Under interview, Hewitt gave a prepared statement claiming that ‘she was making it up’ after being arrested again. In a statement which was read out to the court on her behalf, the victim outlined how she has been left suffering from panic attacks and ‘wakes in the middle of the night thinking she is being strangled.’

She added that she feels ‘constantly sick and anxious’ and has been forced to move home as a result of the incidents. Hewitt has a total of eight previous convictions for 15 offenses.

He received a youth referral order for affray and possession of an offensive weapon in a public place in 2017, a conditional discharge for assault in 2019, a community order for assaulting an emergency services worker in 2022, 22 weeks behind bars for causing unnecessary suffering to animal later the same year and an £80 fine for drunk and disorderly behavior in 2023.

Peter White, defending, told the court: “This is a gentleman who is still only 23. He is described as somewhat immature and perhaps not as emotionally developed as he should be, bearing in mind he is now a father to three children.

“He is someone who experienced a traumatic childhood. He was reported missing over 100 times and moved from pillage to post in foster accommodation and the care of the local authority, his parents being drug addicts.

“Mr Hewitt thought he was on to something better when he entered a relationship with the complainant. He accepts that he has squandered that.

“For the first time in his life, he had relative stability. He accepts that his actions alone have brought that to an end.

“Through me, he wishes to apologise. He accepts the seriousness of the offenses.

“Mr Hewitt tells me he is making progress in custody. He is very anxious due to his father being seriously unwell with liver failure, heart failure and a recent bleed on the brain.

“Mr Hewitt was his carer and registered as such before his remand into custody. He is hoping to summarize the relationship he had with his children and be a positive figure in their life.

Hewitt – of Parkfield Road in Aigburth – admitted intentional strangulation, two counts of assault by beating, criminal damage and a public order offence. Appearing via video link to HMP Altcourse, he was jailed for 30 months and given a 10-year restraining order.

Sentencing, Recorder Jeremy Lasker said: “It was a relationship which began initially in 2020, but within the first couple of months there was an incident of a violent nature. It was reported to the police by the complainant, although no formal action was taken .

“It did, however, lead to your break up for a period of time. The following year, in April 2021, you apologized for your previous behavior and you promised that there would be no reoccurrence, and you resumed your relationship together.

“Unhappily, your promise to the complainant proved to be hollow. Your relationship was turbulent.

“The complainant describes it as toxic with alcohol being a major factor leading to violence, aggression and police callouts. This background sets the scene for the offenses which you have committed.

“After many hours of drinking, you flew into a rage. You attacked her, using both of your fists to punch her and your feet to kick her.

“She was thrown to the floor, where upon the assault continued by you stamping on her as she lay on the ground. No significant injury was caused, but nevertheless it was an unpleasant and gratuitous assault committed by you while you were in drink.”

Recorder Lasker said of Hewitt’s second attack: “When the complainant refused your sexual advances, as she was quite entitled to do, you became angry with her. You had previously warned her that you would give her a slap for refusing you, and you did precisely that.”

Hewitt replied ‘thank you your honor’ after learning his sentence.

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