We already have Samsung and Redmi phones available. This is why

– Transsion offers 12 months warranty.

– Maintenance of Transsion phones can be done easily as original parts are available locally

Last article S24 (128GB) $124 (108MP camera)
Cash on delivery in Harare and Bulawayo.
WhatsApp: 0783 450 793

– Transsion phones are guaranteed to be new.

As a result, we would only sell Samsung, Huawei, Redmi, etc. phones. here and there if a client insisted and we could get them.

Our focus

Ultimately, with mobile phones this is our approach:

– We charge a fair price to make it as affordable as possible for our business. Our prices are usually very low, so low that sometimes customers ask us if the devices are fake 🤔. Of course these are genuine, it’s just that other retailers muHarare umu will give people 100% profit on a phone😨.

– We want you to be satisfied with the phone: the day of purchase, a week later, a month, 6 months, a year later… We want our customers to feel really happy that we, as a company, exist.

Given this background, here’s what we’re learning:

Itel and Tecno fans are very happy, yes…. but those of you who prefer the other brands (And you won’t be caught dead wearing an itel! 😁) feel excluded. You tell us something like: “I’ve been on Pindula since you guys started and I love being part of this community… but I prefer Samsung so I have to look elsewhere for a phone!”

We are also finding that people who use Samsung, Huawei, etc. They really understand that a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty is not on the table and are generally okay with this. People receive phones from the diaspora and they already know about the haipo guarantee.

There are people who don’t mind refurbished phones as long as the seller is clear with them about it and can offer a backup service for the phone. What people hate are salespeople who lie about it.

So, starting last week we started making some Samsung and Redmi devices available. Our warranty for these devices is 6 months. The warranty is backed by Pindula and not the manufacturer. We cover the phone in full if it turns out to be defective. Of course, we will not cover drops or liquid damage. We will replace or fix it for free.

The phones are also backed by what our customers already know about Pindula:

– If you are not satisfied (day after day, week after week, year) we will work hard to solve the problem. And we will solve it even at a significant cost to us.

– Always the truth. We will never lie to you even if the truth is uncomfortable for you. There are already too many lies in Zim’s business and politics, and we don’t want to be a part of it.

by Limbikani (editor-in-chief)


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