Every word Son said about how Tottenham will improve next season and how Postecoglou made him laugh

What have you done with this season and what would you like to change to make it better next season?

I think we could have done a lot better. Obviously we see that too. I think now we look forward, last season is over and there is a lot of room for improvement. Next season will be much better and the players must also take the responsibility to step up and be disciplined. I think we ended thanks to us, not to anyone. We have to think about that and next season we can’t make the same mistakes.

You have played on the left and in the center this season, what position do you see as your preferred role for the future or the one you think you will end up in?

I don’t mind. (Laughs) It’s the coach’s decision, so I will be prepared for any position. So, if he plays me as a goalkeeper, I will play as a goalkeeper. (Ange Postecoglou shakes her head, making everyone laugh and Son turns around to see why and bursts out laughing when he realizes it.)

Although this match is played in Australia, many Korean fans will come to watch it, do you have anything to tell them?

I mean, I’m always grateful to have fans inside the stadium, especially Korean fans who come home and everywhere. I’m very, very grateful and I hope that we can make a good game, an entertaining game, to make them happy and give them a good game.

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