Honda partners with Boda Boda drivers ‘to make their dreams come true’

The Boda Boda association will incorporate Honda into a new association

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Honda by Markh and 10 leading Boda Boda associations in Uganda have formed a partnership that will impact the lives of thousands of young people across the country.

Kampala Minister Kabuye Kyofatogabye hailed the partnership as a lasting and cost-effective tool for sustainable economic empowerment and financial freedom. He said the association will allow the wedding wedding fraternity to grow.

“Today’s meeting is a partnership of like-minded entities. Every great dream needs a strong and reliable partner. The coming together of Honda by Markh and 10 leading Boda Boda associations is the beginning of an extraordinary journey for the economic empowerment of hundreds of thousands of youth and their households across the country,” said Kyofatogabye at the launch of the Club 110 program in Kampala. .

Maria Namusoke Kamoga, Managing Director, Markh Automobile, told the hundreds of Boda Boda motorcyclists who attended the launch that Honda is about enabling mobility and growth in a safe and sustainable way.

He added that Honda seeks to create a lasting economic impact for the driver and their dependents; lifting people out of poverty, creating a positive impact on our local communities and creating more economic empowerment and opportunities in society at large.

Kampala Kabuye Kyofatogabye (second left) flanked by Managing Director Markh Automobile Company Ltd. Maria Namusoke Kamoga and Mori Ryosuke HONDA Sales Division SOUTH AFRICA

“We have created a business incubation program called Club 110, the first of its kind in the country for any motorcycle dealer and the main objective of this club is to facilitate ownership of the most powerful motorcycle in the world,” said Maria Namusoke Kamoga .

“Today we are partnering with the Boda Boda Associations on a special plan that will create unique opportunities for thousands of their members to access the world’s leading motorcycle, recognized for its durability, reliability and cost-effective maintenance.”

He added that “success is not a sprint; It’s a marathon and to make it to the podium you need a product that is highly reliable and will stand the test of time, and Honda does exactly that around the world. Marketed and sold in almost all countries in the world. Since 1948, Honda has produced more than 400 million motorcycles worldwide and is by far the largest, most trusted and beloved motorcycle brand in the world.”

“At Honda we believe that the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. While others ask why in the face of obstacles and difficulties, at Honda we ask ourselves why not? We believe that life is about dreams, hopes and visions of the future,” says Maria Namusoke Kamoga.

Honda export division head Christian Nguegan said Honda is more than a bicycle. “Honda is about building people and dreams. This partnership shows our commitment to empowering our stakeholders to achieve long-term economic sustainability. We know very well that empowering the individual is empowering the nation,” he stated.

“As Honda, our core business is the socio-economic empowerment of the people of Uganda. “We work with more than motorcycles, we work with hope, we drive dreams, we create sustainable opportunities, we give people a platform to pursue and achieve their business ambitions.”