Chet and Tom Hanks text about their feud


Celebrity children: They explain pop culture to their parents just like us.

Chet Hanks took to his Instagram Story on Monday to share a hilarious text message exchange with his famous father, Tom Hanks, who asked to be updated on the feud between Kendrick Lamar and Drake.

“Big Main, can you explain the feud between Drake and Kendrick Lamar to me?” the “Forrest Gump” star, 67, wrote to his 33-year-old son.

Chet Hanks certainly didn’t skimp on details and responded to his father by laying out the entire dispute in a text so long that it couldn’t fit into a single screenshot.

He discussed the fact that the war of words began when J. Cole referred to himself, Drake, and Lamar as rap’s “big three” in the 2023 song “First Person Shooter,” only for Lamar to reject this idea. on Future and Metro Boomin’s song “Like That” rapping, “It’s just big me.”

The feud has continually escalated since then, with Drake and Lamar releasing dissenting tracks against each other. In his piece, Chet Hanks wrote that Lamar “pretty much methodically dismantled Drake’s entire psyche and called him a pedophile for flirting with young girls,” and also told his father that one of Lamar’s diss tracks “was pretty much the aural equivalent of when you took “I went to your high school in Oakland and we got into the basketball game and everyone started going crazy.”

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“Holy Cow!” Tom Hanks, who in the screenshot appears on Chet’s phone as “pops,” responded. “These are fighting words. People taking sides? Who’s winning?”

In fact, people are taking sides, and this question prompted Chet Hanks to ask his father, “Didn’t you just read what I said?”, adding laughing and crying emojis. He had previously noted that one of Lamar’s upset songs “solidified the victory not only for Kendrick but for the entire West Coast.”

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Tom Hanks shares his son Chet with his wife Rita Wilson. The 33-year-old has appeared in movies like his father’s “Greyhound” and shows like “Shameless” and “Your Honor.” In 2021, he went viral after infamously stating that he had a “feeling” that “this summer is about to be a white boy summer” and subsequently released a song titled “White Boy Summer.”

In a 2022 YouTube video, Hanks talked about growing up with famous parents, noting that “there are a lot of perks, but it can be pretty weird sometimes.” He added that “I’m only now getting to the point where I’m starting to really feel like I have nothing to prove to anyone.”

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