Snoop Dogg is auctioning off a joint he smoked

Snoop Dogg smoking a joint

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You’d be hard-pressed to find many people who have smoked more joints in their lifetime than Snoop Dogg, and the iconic marijuana aficionado is giving his fans the chance to get their hands on the cockroach that’s likely the highlight of the auction. of memories he helped organize.

It’s hard enough to talk about Snoop Dogg without talking about his well-documented love of marijuana. Willie Nelson is probably the only person with the ability to go puff for puff with the man who has a personal roller that he estimates has rolled him close to 500,000 joints, in addition to the many, many blunts that he really likes. .

There have been some wild rumors about the amount of marijuana Snoop Dogg smokes on a daily basis, and a couple of years ago, he attempted to set the record straight by posting a video in which he exposed the cockroaches in the ten joints he had managed to make his way over the course of of that particular day.

If we assume the 52-year-old rapper has averaged that total since he started smoking weed, it wouldn’t be a stretch to suggest he’s downed at least 100,000 joints in his lifetime, and you can now get your hands on what’s left of one of them. to create the ultimate conversation topic.

On Tuesday, The Realest launched Snoop Dogg’s memorabilia auction featuring dozens of unique relics he’s collected throughout his legendary career, including a Death Row Records chain, a handwritten song list and a ton of clothing pieces. from your personal closet.

However, the crown jewel is easily the listing for a Snoop Dogg Smoked Blunt, which features what is described as the “first authenticated Snoop Dogg roach” that was “preserved in resin in Snoop’s personal ashtray for display around the world.” eternity”.

The highest bid is currently $50 as of this writing, but it’s safe to assume it will ultimately sell for much, much more when the auction ends on June 16.